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The Job - New Alien Spieces

We were tasked to design a new series of alien ships based on real-world objects (in the tradition of Nilo-Rodis Jamero's Slave I design: the streetlight). I was helping a family member build some shelving and just found the small hand saw intriguing in its design (most products have interesting shapes and we dismiss them because their are mundane). I was also walking through Bed, Bath and Beyond and found an electric shaver that fit the bill. When your mind is focused on a task, you view the world with specific filters. This particular day it was space ships taken from the familiar.

When drawing upon reality, I always like to do a rough still life sketch of the object to build a loose muscle memory; make the shapes my own. I also can't legally show the actual tools referenced :). It was a fun exercise. Took me back to my product design days.

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